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A Letter from 十大彩票网赌平台 Head of School 奈杰尔D. Furlonge

欢迎 to 十大彩票网赌平台. I am sure you will soon discover the warmth and openness of the engaged, 多样化的, and vibrant school community that welcomed me and my family in 2021. 建筑, 培养, and stewarding transformative communities have been core parts of my life as an educator and are key reasons why I was honored to join 十大彩票网赌平台

十大彩票网赌平台 is a school where vision and integrity breathe life into our students’ learning and growth. 学术, 艺术, and athletic excellence have been deeply-rooted, longstanding hallmarks of an 十大彩票网赌平台 education. The faculty and staff design and facilitate learning experiences that aim to cultivate healthy, 快乐的, ethical human beings who will contribute to better futures. Our campus spaces and the intentionally designed experiences that unfold in our classrooms and art rooms and on stages, 字段, and courts make robust learning possible for all students at 十大彩票网赌平台

Intentionality is key to meeting the needs of our students and families, and graduating problem solvers, thoughtful communicators, 和动态, critical thinkers are essential aims for 十大彩票网赌平台. Equally important is the work of 培养 empathetic listeners who understand the substance and salience of being culturally competent. 十大彩票网赌平台’s mission moves beyond Knowledge and centers Vision and Integrity in equal measure.

十大彩票网赌平台 is a school our world needs as we are intentionally responsive and designed to position students to grow increasingly comfortable with learning about, stretching towards, and grappling with the world as it is. So whether you're a student at the 主要的, 中间, or 上 School, 一个家长, 或者是明矾, we will engage with you, and you're going to be on the edge of your learning. But as you're on the edge of your learning, you will experience joy; you will experience belonging; and you will experience community. 

We describe “Today’s 十大彩票网赌平台” as “a school both rich in tradition and committed to embracing the future." From our rootedness, we reach forward to sustain a school that contributes to making a world in which everyone can thrive. I hope you join us.




奈杰尔D. Furlonge

Head of School

Meet Our Head of School

在周五, 10月15日, 十大彩票网赌平台 officially appointed its 5th Head of School during the Investiture Ceremony of 奈杰尔D. Furlonge. Learn more about Mr. Furlonge in this special video.

Head of School Playlist

"I listen to music every day for both pleasure and for the headspace it offers for reflection. The following songs, in particular, speak to my soul. Perhaps some of these songs will resonate with you, or when we bump into each other, you can share songs that move you." 奈杰尔D. Furlonge